NO GMO flours, no yoga mats in the bread(Subway, Really? What are they thinking.)  No preservatives.  Our ingredient list is pretty short, Flours, yeast, salt, water, maybe some nuts, fruits, seeds. You know...good stuff!

Bird Bread: A whole wheat bread with seeds that birds would eat.  I know....funny!  But this bread is my favorite morning bread,  Toasted with jam, for me, perfect.  Or along side  A blend of Winter Whole Wheat and Bread Flour give this bread the lightness and texture not found in many whole wheat loaves. 

Kalamata Olive  Bread: Developed flavor from a biga with the addition of imported kalamata olives give this loaf a distinct flavor and texture.  Perfect for sandwiches or toasted for bruschetta.  This makes the best grilled cheese you ever have.

Ciabatta: a staple in our bread line, classic texture featuring the Wholey Grail of bread, big holes!!  Shaped as a baguette for use as a grinder role or garlic bread.

Cranberry Walnut Ficelle:  Crispy tails, sweet dried cranberries, red winter wheat and large pieces of walnuts make this bread one of my favorites.  Toast up perfect as a cracker for your best cheeses, you'll never buy another cracker, Dry this bread as it dries, yum!

Pretzels: Absolutely terrific!!! Sliced thin and toasted as a cracker, cut in half to step up your favorite bagel sandwich, dipped in mustard, or with a bit of mountain cheese or muenster(I'm talking real muenster) you become jaded to never buy another NYC street bread , or from the mall. Pass by the fair, movie, airport and ski lodge offerings.  Save yourself for these beauties!!!

Jewish Rye:  New to the line this Spring.  Baked in the longest shape I can do, a full 30 inches.  Organic rye, a sourdough starter, and caraway seed. Delicious!  I'm thinking Reubens right now!!

Roggenbrot!:  Roggonwhat?  Brot in German is bread and this is wonderful.  Listen to this: I take Organic Rye seeds, spritzed for four days until they sprout,  then added to a dough of organic rye and a natural sourdough starter.  Then after a day, placed into pans, baked in a slow oven, with steam, for 5 hours. Really! Now when that bread first emerges, there's no complete words to describe the aroma, is it malt, cocoa, vanilla, molasses, yeast....